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What is concierge medicine?

Simply put, it is primary care with you as the primary focus. Longer appointments, house calls, and after hours access to your physician is the goal of care with MorayoMD.

The Commitment


Primary Care with You As the Primary Focus


Concierge Membership

$215 monthly

Membership Includes

(1) After-hours physician access

(2) Extended hours for telemedicine and office visits

(3) Same day or next day telemedicine and office visits

(4) Care coordination with specialists and hospitals or ER when needed

(5) $99 for house calls with discounted in-home lab draws when needed

(6) Exclusive relationships with community wellness partners

(7) Discounted select medications and labs for uninsured or self pay patients.

* House Calls available only  within 25 miles or a 30 minute drive  from the office when mapped on Google Maps - whichever is shorter.

Tourist Concierge Service

Service includes (but is not limited to):

$585 (one time fee per year)

(after 3 months converts to a monthly Premium membership)

(1) Extended Office Hours & After-hours Physician Access

(2) Up to 3 months of access to same day or next day telemedicine and office visits

(3) Up to 3 House Calls ($99 each) with discounted in-home lab draws if needed

(4) Care coordination with specialists and hospitals or ER when needed

(5) Discounted select medications and labs for uninsured or self-pay patients



1 / What is concierge medicine?

Concierge medicine is a form of direct primary care. Direct primary care is comprehensive primary care from your primary care physician paid as a monthly membership fee rather than through insurance. Your insurance company is not billed, avoiding the limitations that come with insurance. This allows for longer visits, convenient care (i.e. house calls when you need you and your doctor think it is best), and a better overall patient to physician relationship.

3 / What does the membership fee cover?

An annual functional medicine wellness exam, annual work or sports physicals, chronic disease management (diabetes, hypertension, etc), basic procedures (lacerations repair, joint injection, ear wax removal etc). Membership also allows for discounts on house calls, select medications, labs, and access to community partners.

5 / Is there an enrollment fee?

Yes, the enrollment fee is $99 and is due with the first month membership fee at the time of enrollment. There is no enrollment fee for the tourist plan.

7 / What about Medicare or Medicaid?

Unfortunately we do not take Medicaid. However for a limited number of patients we do take Medicare for standard insurance based care. Currently, Medicare patients can not be concierge members.

2 / Is membership required to be seen?

You do not have to be a member to be seen. We have self pay options, and welcome patients who rather pay for care as they need it. 

4 / How long does the membership last?

The tourist plan gives 3 months of access. To maintain the same level of care, at the end of the 3 month access period, patients in the tourist plan are automatically enrolled into concierge membership. Cancellation of the membership plan can occur at anytime with written 30 day notice.

Concierge membership, is month to month for as long as you are satisfied with your care. Cancellation can occur at anytime with written 30 day notice. 

6 / Can only tourists sign up for the tourist plan?

The tourist plan is for anyone who needs medical services for a short period of time. That can be a visitor to the country or state who wants more comprehensive and focused care or it can be someone who wants to try out the concierge services for the first time. 

8/ Which ages can join?

Currently membership is only for those 18 years old and up.

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