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We take Aetna, Carefirst/Blue Cross Blue Shield, and Medicare insurances. Copays, deductible and care not covered by insurance is the responsibility of the patient. Patients with accepted insurance carriers can not become morayo conciergeMD members.


morayo conciergeMD

Membership based primary care with extended physician access. Though designed for the uninsured or underinsured (high deductible plans), morayo conciergeMD is available for anyone who does not have an insurance plan accepted by Morayo Medical.


Pay as you go

Not ready to be a member? Need a second opinion? Need a one time medical exam? No problem. You do not need to be a member or even have insurance to be seen. Pay as you go or self pay options are available. Call or simply follow the link. 

Self Pay Prices

as of 5/1/2023

House Call (for return patients only)                                    $300

Annual Physical                                                                    $280

New Patient (all non-physical first time visits)                      $210

Pre-Op (Dental or Medical Clearance)                                  $210

Second Opinion                                                                    $280

Work/School Physical                                                           $280

Sick Visit/Follow up Visit                                                      $210

Telemedicine                                                                         $85

*Prices do not include labs or procedures

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