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Happy New Year and Welcome to mcMD

Updated: Jan 1, 2023

morayo conciergeMD is Holistic. Primary. Care.

When deciding to start a practice I struggled with how to design something that honored and allowed for the time it takes to trust, to understand, and to heal. My goal was simple: practice the kind of care that I would want for myself and my family. So morayo conciergeMD was born. As a child of immigrants, I understand the tendency to use your body and health as leverage for your goals and survival. Healthcare, especially when branded as wellness, can feel like a luxury. Though holistic medicine has had many names: integrative medicine, functional medicine, complementary or alternative medicine, seeing a person as more than the sum of their parts is not new. And understanding that wellbeing comes from more than the next procedure or pill is also as old as time. Arguably the purist form of medicine, holistic primary care centers the patient and their whole life story. Diabetes is not simply high blood sugar but a symptom of a life with no breaks. Back pain needs more than pain killers, but permission to admit that you are tired. Insomnia is not just about the new baby but is about the fear that you may not be able to break family cycles. It's all about what we take the time to see. And we can only confront what we can see. Fully confronting the entire story surrounding our illness is the definition of wellness. This is my philosophy.

Welcome to the journey and stay tuned...

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Dec 20, 2023

I was one of your patients while you were at Kaiser. I really hated to see you go. Congratulation on getting your own practice. Wising you much success.

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